Sunday, July 26, 2009

On the Questions of Life

As a religiously agnostic person, on ultimate questions of life, I have couple of rules,
  1. Be true to myself and I expect others to do the same.
  2. I have my own solution and others could have theirs. Since I never force other people to use my solution so I don't expect they do that to me.
  3. No one actually has the final solution. I don't expect I will find one. Nor I expect anyone actually has one, had one or will have one. Granted, some solutions can be more interesting than the others. But really, that does not mean they are perfect.
  4. Respect others' solutions and I expect others to do the same.
  5. I should think seriously when I claim "Life is X". If there is a source of the statement, I should go to trace the source. If there is a theory for why I claim that, I need to know the underlying assumptions of the theory.
  6. Some answers could not be verbalized or visualized. They are literally more like a mathematical functions than "things".
  7. The processes of searching for the solutions are as least as important as the solutions themselves. When you open your eyes, then you realize that there are so many solutions and processes. The feeling is just similar to you see 10000 stars in the sky. If you think the later is poetic, the former is quite dancable too.

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